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Thread: New member needing advice

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    New member needing advice

    When I moved into this place in June 2020 the compressor in the HVAC was burned out already. So a new one was installed. Itís September and itís burned out again. Given we live in insanely hot temperatures in Arizona could that have caused it to go out again? The building has faulty appliances and other connection issues. Itís townhouses but privately owned. Iím having to get a mobile ac unit in the meantime to help in this high heat. Another one will be replaced how do I keep it from doing the same thing again. What if itís not my fault and the entire HVAC should be replaced. Seems odd that itís gone out again in a short period of time. They donít see to give me any real advice...

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    Are they just doing the compressor?
    Seems the failed compressor is likely the result of another problem.
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    Like rider77 said, compressor failures are usually caused by something. Could be an oversized system hooked up to undersized ductwork, could be a mis-matched indoor coil, could be a faulty or incorrect metering device, could be a restriction in the refrigeration system, could be power issues, could be improper refrigerant piping, or could be something else.

    Did the original repair people figure out and correct the cause of the first compressor failure? Did they make any return trips after the compressor was replaced in order to check for acid and to replace the refrigerant filter/driers as needed? If not, you probably still have whatever it was that caused the first failure, in addition to debris and acid within the system due to the 2 compressor burnouts. Not a good situation.
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