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Thread: Sales and Commission Is it normal??

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    Were your percentage based on the total sale amount? Or did it reflect the profit? Was the commission credited following completion of work or closing of sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobeless View Post
    I agree however if you lets say had the ability to grow your company by 3x I feel a salesman would be needed.
    Then he probably don't need the base salary if he's that good. 40K+ before you sell a damn thing can take away a guy's drive. Seen it. Won't run a late call, or a Saturday, etc. They get too comfortable, I have witnessed a man struggle to feed his family and get handed a sales job with that kind of base pay/commision structure, then go to 140K and then cherry pick the calls he ran, ignore some leads, throw prices out to sell the job and company loose $$$ on said job, can't reach him in the afternoon because he's takin a nap...... Boss said nothing because sales was not what he wanted to do. Now once he held the guy accountable and began changing commision structure the guy found another place to go to work. IMO the base salary should maybe enough to cover their health ins if nothing pans out for the month.

    As said this is my opinion, If you NEED him/her and you don't pay the #'s will you loose em.

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