I'm a homeowner, do not plan to fix this myself, but I'm struggling getting support from my service tech and hoping I can call around and look for additional help. I'm in the Tampa, FL area. Here's the technical details:

Daikin G028394 installed June 2019. East side of house, shaded all hours of the day except 9AM-1030AM
-FTXS09LVJU in the office, condensate pump and electrical up through the attic
-FTXS12LVJU in the dining room, drain is gravity through one wall to washer/drier room

June 23 2020 called for service due to dining room air handler not maintaining 72 degrees in the evenings.
Gentleman from service comes and cleans the fan blades and coils (water hose and tarp), proceeds to check everything else in the house (there is an additional condenser and 3 handlers on the west side of the house. Completely separate systems).
He discovers that the East side compressor is short cycling, and orders a new condenser fan motor (3 week lead time).

He returns to install new fan motor July 17, and unit runs normally until July 31. I call Saturday for service, he comes on Wednesday, but can't get Daikin on the phone and leaves. At this point there's no plan for him to return, and he doesn't know how to fix it.

The off-cycling started around 5PM in the evenings on July 31, and ended around 9PM. As of today, the off-cycling started at 1PM, and I clocked the cycles for 6 minutes (which are getting shorter by the day).

It's averaging ON for 1 min 45 seconds, and off for 21 seconds.

The unit is thankfully still cooling, but I'm not sure how to ask for better help. Call another company? burn the house down?

thank you if you read this far!