I'm the new owner of an older (7yr) LG mini split system that came with the house we bought. There is a single outside unit that is tied to two indoor condensers for two separate rooms. This is the first mini split I've been in charge of and I've had it serviced annually along with my main central system.

For the last several days, one of the indoor units has started making an intermittently loud blowing/wooshing noise every 3-5 minutes for about 8 seconds. I'm trying to determine what it might be doing and whether I should be calling someone to service it. Video here:

I have a video of the sound available on google drive link, but it appears I cannot post links yet. I don't want to spam other threads just to get 7 posts so I can add the link, so I'm doubtful this can be diagnosed based on my description. Here is the link without the https in front


Either way, Thanks for your knowledge and help in advance