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Thread: Lennox HS26 3.5 R22

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    Lennox HS26 3.5 R22

    Good day,
    My Lennox HS26 42 R22 is 15 years old. It's been good with only a couple of capacitors so far. But I am looking to replace it as I would rather replace it on my time and not at the worst time. 3 years ago a HVAC guy did a inspection/tune up and tried to scare me with the rusty evaporator. They could not find a leak so I dismissed their sales pitch to replace the whole unit.

    So this is what I'm thinking now, When I do replace the whole unit, I am inclined to go with a Trane or American Standard due to the aluminum evaporator therefore no rust to worry about.

    I am on the fence between a single stage and 2 stage. My concern there is the reliability between the two.

    Third thing, I may be oversized as I have 1600 sf in Fort Worth Texas with 42,000 BTW, so it doesn't run very long. I may go back to a 3 ton.

    So here you go. 3 things to help me out.
    1. Aluminum evaporator coil.
    2. Single or 2 stage.
    3. Sizing.
    Thank you and best regards.

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    Pretty much all manufacturers offer a aluminum indoor coil. Thinking if bidding Contractors bids a ADP or Aspen indoor coil, your likelihood of getting a copper coil may increase.

    Rust on a indoor coil ( copper ) is common, what rusts is the steel frame that holds the coils in place.

    Two stages start at around 16 SEER, and if you can get a AHRI matched system with 16 SEER and a certain EER, ( either single or two stage ) rebates may apply from your state or local utility company.

    Tax Credits:

    Pay for a load calculation or do a load calculations yourself. Here’s a free one, to see what you need instead of guessing.

    Register your system of choice as manufacturers warranty decreases significantly if your system is never registered.

    No preference on staging, others can give you their comments.
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    Seriously do a manual J yourself, so you have an idea if bidding contractors are blowing smoke. and coolcalc are 2 online block load calls. I loved my 2 stage, but in and Coolcalc are a couple online manual J, try one yourself. The rust is irrelevant, only leaks count and I've never read anything connecting the two. Brand wise, picking the contractor that will do the best job is more important than what they install, and as bazookajoey said everyone makes aluminum coils now. Two stage is just as reliable as single stage, maybe more so since it's running primarily under a low load compared to what it can handle, the only extra parts between the Trane XR16 and XR17 is an ac/dc rectifier and an unloading valve in the compressor. Only seen 1 of these valves fail and they still had functioning a/c until a new compressor could be had

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