I actually enjoy going to new commercial locations and troubleshooting equipment.This is a new commercial account. A mix of Lennox and Trane RTUs.

I saw something today I have not seen before and I cannot find any Mechanical or Plumbing code to address RTU Gas piping/gas valve/ gas regulator seen less than 6 inches away in front of the Natural Gas Exhaust. There are a total of 4 Trane Units like this. 2 of the gas regulators look overheated and 1 has a miscolored gas ball valve.

I have never installed any gas piping this way and always kept it lower than the exhaust.

I always use my CYA policy and photo documented it with concerns. I was there to work on 1 of them due to a no cooling call but discovered the heat never worked on this 3 year old unit. It’s a Trane YSC120. The last company fudruckered the low voltage wiring on cooling, the Jumpered out the Y1 And Y2 Contactor And they only energized on the Y2 call. For some strange reasoning I also found a 5 pin J9 Connector was Installed on a J10 4 pin..a blank connector was sitting on the J9. Once swapped heat and normal cooling operation resumed. The building management told me the last 2 HVAC companies told them the RTU was defective despite being 3 years old. Lol.

My question is... 1) Is there a distance requirement with 3/4” (or any size) Gas Piping/Gas Ball shutoff/ Gas Regulator in front of a RTU Exhaust Port. I have seen distance requirements for everything else but this one. It seems very dangerous to me to be this way. The location is in Kenly NC.

I already recommended rerouting the gas piping and replacing the regulators and ball valves. They are shooting my recommendation up to the corporate pipeline because they also agree it seems unsafe.