My name is Brian, I am the manager of the controls division for Mazza mechanical. We are looking for guy or two in or around Buffalo NY.

Mazza is a rapidly growing mechanical contactor out of Olean NY (Relocating to Buffalo). About two years ago we started a controls component, which is finally baked into the cake and ready to grow.

First and foremost we need another programmer (Niagara 4, fin stack, and ASI controls). An experienced programmer is not easy to find, but that person would be paid on the high end of the industry standard with good benefits.

Our exact trajectory of growth does depend on who we can hire. An experienced Service tech would also be very valuable. That person might find a clear path to full time programming, and would be paid well.

This is a cool opportunity to get in on the ground level, on a stable position (this is not subject to fizzling out), at a company that is amazing to work for.

I had been in the trade as a mechanic for 18 years when I came to Mazza. I've worked for all strips of contractor, including McQuay factory service and some cool niche server room and market stuff. Mazza is easily the best company I've worked for. Nice equipment/trucks, great morale, great pay, and consistent growth.

If anyone has any interest and comes close to qualifying, please PM me here or email Thank you.

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