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Thread: Looking for Subcontractors Austin, TX

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    Looking for Subcontractors Austin, TX

    I am looking for subcontractors in the Austin, TX area.
    Please contact me at the email provided in my profile.

    Scope of Work includes:

    Running MS/TP and CAT5 cable using company BEST STANDARD practices.
    Installing Enclosures and conduit when needed.
    Installing DDC controllers and peripherals devices following a company provided schematic
    Installing wall sensors and Outdoor Air Temperature/Humidity sensors.
    Able to follow provided Construction drawings to meet company standards for new construction
    Willing to be responsible for meeting construction schedules
    Able to be bonded, pass site safety requirements, pass security background checks.
    Has and understanding of low voltage electrical wiring and installation

    MUST be able to Quote and complete Quote work
    MUST be able to go for 90 days before final payment
    MUST be able to maintain proper man power to finish on schedule

    Recommended knowledge or experience in at least one of the following:
    IT Networking Wiring and Operation
    Electrical licensing
    DDC/BMS training
    HVAC Certification

    I am looking forward to talking with you!
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    It looks like you want an electrical/cabling sub, no programming. Is that right? Just figured it may help to clarify.
    Hmmmm....smells like numbatwo to me.

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