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Thread: Redfish IDVM 550 Update...

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    Redfish IDVM 550 Update...

    So Iíve been using my IDVM 550 for a few months now. Itís been very useful and has proven accurate. The integration with Measurequick and TechLink has taken some time to work into my troubleshooting routine but once you figure it out it can be very helpful.

    I have had one big problem with the meter and this is what I really wanted to share. About 2 weeks ago the amp clamp stopped working. I tested it out on different loads, cleaned the clamp contacts, etc. I contacted Redfish and received a reply back from Jim Bergman. He asked a couple questions to confirm the problem and then had a new one shipped out to me directly from Supco. They didnít ask me to mail in the old one first so I was able to keep using the working functions. The new one arrived and Iím shipping the old one back.

    I was worried that I was going to have to go through Grainger (who we ordered it from) or deal with someone at Supco that didnít understand the urgency of the problem. Instead, I got a reply directly from Jim and was given prompt service. This is the kind of service that makes people loyal to a company and gives you confidence in the the other related products like MQ.

    Many thanks to Jim, Redfish and Supco!

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    Good to hear!

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    well i was given one of the original ones for field testing before they went public and been using it for while a while with no issues..

    The only true Negative i can say about this is the bulkiness of the clamp, its big and stiff compared to smaller compact swivel heads i was using and can be tough on tight service box with tight wires etc but overall the meter has been great..

    I can live with this given the APP and multi fucntion option as wekll as BT makes it unique..i love the Underload cap test etc..

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    Thats impressive

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