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Thread: Nexia Runtime History - Stage 2 Heat, Heat, Aux Heat

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    Question Nexia Runtime History - Stage 2 Heat, Heat, Aux Heat

    I have an American Standard system. It has an S9V2-VS gas furnace (2 stage with variable speed ECM blower fan), a Platinum 18 variable speed heat pump, and a 1050 thermostat w/Nexia.

    I'm trying to figure out how to read the runtime history in the Nexia app. It's unclear what is the heat pump and what is the 2 stage furnace. I was told that the heat pump is the main heat and the furnace is the aux (backup/emergency) heat. However, the furnace has TWO stages. So look at the screenshot. Which one is the heat pump (Stage 2 Heat, Heat or Aux Heat)? Which one is the Stage 2 furnace? Which is the Stage 1 furnace? Could it be that Aux Heat is the heat pump and Heat is Stage 1 furnace?
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