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Thread: Home made freeze dryer. (Conceptual stage, work in progress)

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    Home made freeze dryer. (Conceptual stage, work in progress)

    I had thought that I already created a thread about this, but I cant find it, so I must not have.

    My father is a Prepper and is obsessed with preserving food. He has a harvest right home freeze dryer that he borrows from his neighbor, but he is unhappy with its performance compared to its price tag.

    He and I have been talking for months now about building our own unit from scratch.
    The whole process has been fascinating to me and I find it a great way to increase my knowledge in the area of vacuum and Sublimation.

    Over the next few months or year I plan to document the process here.

    Before I began in earnest though, I thought Id give a quick Shout out to see if any of you have tried this or have any sage advice that you feel would save me some time or headache.

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    Finding a -40F system might be a bit expensive!

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    Vacuum pump and liquid N2 vapor trap on discharge side of pump?

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