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I also want to install pressure transducers at my 410A condenser and interface them to an Arduino. I can handle the Arduino/software side but I am not sure what transducers to use. I’ve been researching 0-500 psi transducers with 3-wire interface (pwr, gnd, and 0-5v signal output). Also, I would prefer to attach them to the service ports so I don’t have to open up the system and braze them in. Can anybody recommend a good quality reasonably priced one? BTW I would also use a hard coded s/w table for the pressure temperature lookup.
There are also some to be found on Amazon by searching "500 psi pressure sensor" but I cannot vouch for the accuracy or quality. You might consider the Yellow Jacket 19110 connectors if you want to use the service ports. They are 1/8-in NPT to 1/4-in flare with pin for the schrader.

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