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Thread: Best smart probe choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim bergmann View Post
    Seems more like a cover your ass tool then a diagnostic tool. Checking capacitors is not a difficult feat. Neither is checking voltage and amp readings. All the meter/app is doing is creating a paper/digital trail for the customer. Not saying that's a bad thing, just not seeing it as a beneficial tool to make a techs job easier. If I'm wrong, please enlighten me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgenius33 View Post
    I still like my iConnect, but the final piece to the puzzle “Redfish clamp meter” is still in waiting.

    I don’t think there’s a comparable product at this point but there are a few substantial drawbacks to the kit. Battery life and or ease of replacement is my #1 issue. #2 is the damn 12’ temperature probe wires that are wrapped around the probe and are a hassle to deal with especially with battery changes. #3 is time to configure each job, but with practice the time is greatly reduced. The time it takes to input the job data is given back to you with the detailed information that is provided in the report. The report is the game changer IMO.

    The Pros are accuracy, range of use, and detailed information.

    I still feel it was worth the ~$1500+ I’ve invested, but I’m hoping they will remember the folks like me that made that investment with them, when they start producing a lower end model at a fraction of the cost through UEi.
    Some may call the product overpriced, but those of us that made the leap know we had to support the initial R&D it took to get the tool where it is today.
    This is what I was referring to lytning.

    I don’t see those tests as making our jobs quicker but more of a guide on doing them for those who aren’t as experienced and, as you mentioned, the ability to have documentation.

    It may/may not be necessary for every job but I can see the value in being able to present test measurements to an employer or customer and having those measurements presented in that way influence credibility perceptions and purchasing decisions. I can see the value for a less experienced technician using this meter as a guided process in taking electrical measurements while doing maintenances as a way to get more proficient and gain confidence.

    The app alone seems like a very good resource. After having a very negative experience with the fluke connect app, I’m excited to try the redfish meters. The graphic examples look very visually appealing. I don’t think I’d use documentation features every but I can think of times that they would be invaluable.

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    Testo probes held up nice for me

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    For years I was using the Testo 557 manifold (non BT version). When I started looking at wireless probes I went all in with the Testo set and love it. I have not had any range issues with them , also have checked calibration of probes against NIST certified thermometers and were within .1°C

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