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Thread: Looking at a move to CA

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    Looking at a move to CA

    Looking to get insight on the lay of the land from a BAS controls perspective as I start job hunting. Is the market tight? Who is dominant in the area, who should I avoid working for? We will likely be in the Riverside area, but we might end up in the Anaheim area. Any reason to pick one over the other?

    A little about me (in case you want chat about a job) Here are the cliff notes.

    Born and Raised in CA, 18yrs in NYC metro, 4 yrs in NE.

    I currently work with Alerton and Distech, using JACE front ends. I engineer the job, oversee install, program it up, and close it out.

    JCI Senior Factory Trained through their Service Technical Academy. As of 2013 there were only 27 Controls guys in the country that had finished the training - even though it has been out for a number of years. it is impressive if you know what it is, I can send details on it. Not much is available online.

    NATE Certified for Installation and Service in all Specialties: Air to Air Heat Pump - AC – Gas Hydronics - Oil Hydronics - Gas Furnaces - Oil Furnaces - Air Distribution – Commercial Refrigeration - Light Commercial Refrigeration – Senior Systems Efficiency Analyst

    UA STAR Certified in Commercial HVACR Mastery, and Residential and Light Commercial HVAC Mastery, Commercial Refrigeration Mastery

    National Comfort Institute Certification in Diagnostic Air Balancing, and Combustion Analysis

    Unlimited Mechanical Journeyman License in Bellevue NE

    If you look around you will see some of my other posts floating around. Feel free to PM me.
    Hmmmm....smells like numbatwo to me.

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    Hit up LonBoy -

    Tell him finder's fee!
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    I don't know if you've for sure got your wheels in motion to move, but if you would consider staying in NE we might have a spot for you. Contact me with a private message through the board and I will give you my cell.

    Jay Stark
    Building System Solutions LLC

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