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Thread: Whole house humidification, Truesteam, replace, upgrade, or rip out?

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    Whole house humidification, Truesteam, replace, upgrade, or rip out?

    I've been reading a lot about the Truesteams in this forum and I appreciate the history and many comments. Here's my problem in brief: my 6 gallon Truesteam can't raise the humidity level in my house over 35% and at that setting runs constantly (actually constantly), burns up way too much electricity, and causes the furnace blower to blow unheated air making the house feel drafty. Even at 30% humidity the Truesteam and the furnace blower run more than I would like. Upstate New York, 20-30F typical most of the winter, occasional low teens.

    The house is a 1925 ballon frame 2-1/2 story walk up, 1400 sq feet plus 600 sq ft unheated basement. No insulation in the walls, half the windows are original. I know it's not tight enough but that's a $10,000 project. Furnace is <5 years old, high efficiency with PVC vents so I don't get much (if any) humidity from combustion. I've recently replaced the water level sensor and I'm capable and willing to keep the unit cleaned and descaled.

    Amateur diagnosis: the 6 gallon Truesteam is undersized given the size and age of the house.

    Possible solutions: Replace the Truesteam with the 2nd gen 12 gallon model. Since the wiring, water and thermostat are already in place, this seems like the least labor intensive option. Or, remove and replace with an Aprilaire 800. Or remove and replace with an Aprilaire 700 or similar evaporative unit. I think there is enough space on the plenum for an evaporative unit, if not, there is definirely space on the return. Cheaper parts but more complicated installation.

    Final twist: my panel box is full. I might be able to squeeze in an extra 15A 120V circuit using half size breakers, but if I need 204V, I'll need to upgrade the panel too.
    The Trusesteam is 120V plugged into an outlet mounted on the furnace, I think its on the furnace circuit.

    So, any recommendations?

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    Aprilaire 600A connected to the hot water line.
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    Low humidity is most often caused by high air leakage in the house.

    Tightening up the leakage should make the humidifiers job much easier.

    I totally agree, the humidifier needs to be on the hot water line.
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    The original Truesteam was very problem prone!!! So much so it is discontinued.

    The new Truesteam is NOT the same and does NOT use a plug, it needs to be hard wired. As for the controls and other components, I am not sure if they are compatible.

    I have an Aprilaire 800 and have no complaints.
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