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Thread: Aprilaire 700M vs Automatic

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    Confused Aprilaire 700M vs Automatic

    hi!, i am looking to install a whole house humidifier, and am currently torn between Aprilaire 700 or 700m. I've been reading through the descriptions online, and can't seem to understand exactly what the difference is. I will be able to to set the desired humidity on both, but it looks like the automatic will also take the outside temp? for what?

    which do you recommend? there is really only a 15$ cost diff between the two.

    and last question, anyone knows if this will be powerful enough for 2400 square feet house?

    our bedroom humidity is at 20% right now(sometimes even less) :-/ will i be able to get it up 15% or more?

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    The M has a manual humidistat that you set the desired RH% you want and if it is below that, the humidifier kicks on if the furnace allows.

    The automatic has an electronic humidistat and comes with an outdoor thermistor which should be installed. The humidity level in the house should be based on outdoor temp to avoid condensation issues. With the manual, you should turn the level down as it gets colder out and back up as it warms up. The auto control will sense outdoor temp and set the RH% itself. You can say more or less humid but you aren't setting an exact level. If you are having bitter cold weather, 20% may be the recommended setting, 35% RH when in the single digits or colder can cause issues.

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