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Thread: Endless coil cleaner!

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    Endless coil cleaner!

    I do a lot of large tonnage air cooled equipment. Some slabs are 7-8'x30' long. I got tired of refilled the coil gun container every 3 minutes. So I got about $5 worth of parts, and fixed that problem.

    10-12' of clear flexible 1/4" tube
    A few worm gear clamps.
    3-4" of 3/4" pvc pipe
    3/4 mpt by slip connector
    10-12" 1/4" copper and tube
    And one 2.5 gallon nubrite container lid.

    Remove The container from the coil gun, cut the dip tube in half (keep the pickup screen half for later). Shove the clear hose over the stub in the gun and clamp in place.

    The top of the nubrite lids are 3/4" thread in the center. Drill a hole through the center large enough for the tube. Thread the pvc fitting into the lid, and stick the pipe stub into the fitting.

    Now, insert the clear tube though the lid, shove the 1/4" copper into the clear tube, leave the clear tube extending beyond the copper tube enough to insert the coil gun pickup screen (about 1" - shorten the screen tube to fit) into the clear tube.

    Clamp the screen in place, then put a clamp just under the lid, and one just on top of the pvc stub.

    You should end up with the copper tube/clear tube/pickup screen just long enough to reach the bottom of the jug when screwed on. The lid is retained in place by clamps on top and bottom, and should spin freely.

    You now have a coil gun assembly that can be screwed onto any 2.5 gallon nubrite jug. With sufficient water pressure, you can spray until the jug is empty. Also, you can hold The gun in any orientation while spraying.

    Version 1 issues:

    if the gun is lower than jug while NOT spraying, it will siphon the jug.

    Without a check valve, the cleaner runs back into the jug when you stop spraying.

    Low water pressure doesn't create enough lift to pull from the jug. Sometimes you can set the jug above you to allow for the siphon to assist.

    I presented this idea to nubrite, but they didn't seem very interested. I wish they would produce this item.

    Hope it helps the rest of you out there!

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    I did that several years ago, even ran an old coil gun through a band saw to cut it down. so I could get it past some tight fan blades. I have pictures posted on this site. Calgon wasn't interested, also someone else makes the gun for them.

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    What a neat idea

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    I would just use water, it is perfectly fine, coil cleaner most of the time will strip the paint off the coil and hurt efficiency if used incorrectly. I have never had an issue just using water to wash my coils, even the split evil nightmare coils on the older carrier rooftops, 3 evil condenser coils that no one ever splits to wash.

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