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Thread: DMS502B51 (Daikin D-BACS)

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    DMS502B51 (Daikin D-BACS)

    Hi all, I am newer for Bacnet topic.
    Now I have to make the program on PC to get the data from DMS502B51 (Daikin D-Bacs).
    So First time, I download BACnet Device Simulator from SCADA Engine to simulate like the DMS502B51 (Daikin D-Bacs), and download program "bacnet-tools-0.8.2" from "" for bacnect command to call the simulator. Everything it work well by command with simulator. then when I go to test with the DMS502B51 but no response from DMS502B51. I don't why, Anyone can suggest me about this, please.

    I'm not sure, I mis understanding about bacnet standard or not?, or there are another type of Bacnet standard.

    Thanks everyone.


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    Good day.
    What help can I give you?
    Have you done downloading the pointlist from the gateway? If you, you will be needing a bacnet discoverer.

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