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Thread: Field Technician (and more!) - SF Bay Area

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    Field Technician (and more!) - SF Bay Area

    Tons of projects on the go - I've been with the company for 7 years, and there's never been a danger of a layoff!

    We are looking for a controls tech with Niagara experience, which we put over Johnson, Honeywell, EasyIO, KMC, and anything else it will talk to (less LON in recent years, but tons of BACnet, and a decent amount of Modbus on our datacenter projects, and an increasing amount of Sedona). Instead of posting the huge wordy job listing:
    1) Go read all the industry verbiage at
    2) Find our job posting for a Controls Field Technician on glassdoor...
    3) Email me (in my profile) if you need more information...I can fill you in on what the listing doesn't say...

    We're actually looking for not only a field technician (or 3...), but also a project manager (or 2...), tech support/help desk, UI (HTML5 and/or DG) developers...with projects throughout the Bay Area, and all over the country (even Mexico!), there's something for everybody!

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    SF Bay area you say?

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