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Thread: Mammoth no longer making GSHP's....................

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    Mammoth no longer making GSHP's....................

    I have 15 or so Mammoth units in our High School that are 11 years old and one has failed. Scroll compressor just whirls gauges stay static. I could just replace the compressor in the failed unit but to do so it will have to be dropped from the ceiling so I was planning on a complete replacement/upgrade..

    So now my question is which manufacturer should I contact about helping find replacement units that will fit my rigid ductwork? Water furnace, climate master? Any others?

    Thanks all!!!

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    Check them all out on their cut sheets, and find one thats the less of many evils to replace the old with.
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    Even if they made replacement units still, chances are that it might still be physically larger than the old one due to higher SEER ratings that they need to achieve. We've run into that problem a few times.

    By the way, I think you are talking about WSHPs, but maybe not. Whatever, both terms might pretty much mean the same thing in the grand scheme of things.

    Here's a few more names for you.

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