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Thread: American Standard Start Cap

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    American Standard Start Cap


    Recently an HVAC service man told me that I needed three items:

    1 - Cankcase heater
    2 - OEM Start Cap w/ relay
    3 - Hard start kit

    I have been able to locate the crankcase heater (1) and the hard start kit (3) online and I believe that I can install those myself to save some money. However, what exactly is the difference between the Start Capacitor w/ Relay and the Hard Start Kit? I would like to do this repair myself also if possible. If I install a Hard Start Kit, do I also need to install the Start Capacitor w/ Relay?

    Does anyone have any recommendations on which brand, etc.? I have a 4 ton American Standard HVAC.


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    A professional should be installing those items. If you don't know the difference between a start capacitor and a hard start kit, you shouldn't be doing it yourself. Otherwise, you'll be buying a new compressor or worse.

    And there's no DIY allowed on this site regardless.

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    Sorry, this is not a DIY site. Thread closed.
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