Hi There,

I am on the fence with whether to go with Central A/C or Mitsubishi Mini Split Ductless.

Background on the house:
- 1952 Cape Style house in Massachusetts.
- 1,344 Sq Feet.
- 4 rooms + 1 BA on the 1st floor. 2 BRs & 1 BA on the 2nd
- No existing duct work
- Oil Heat
- Old boiler should be replaced

Every HVAC professional that has come over to quote a system, price has had varying opinions and the prices have been all over the place for sometimes the same recommendations
For the mini split it has been suggested that I go with a 30k BTU system. 15k downstairs and 9k/6k upstairs.

(+) Efficiency, Zoned control, if I go ductless I am trying to make a case that the Hyperheat is worth the extra cost to use that for most of my heating needs as it heats down to 5* at 100% efficiency
(-) The inside and outside aesthetics of the units and coverings on the house even though must of them will be hidden and around back

Central A/C
(+) More even cooling in the cape style house, especially on the 1st floor where each room is blocked out
(-) was told adding another zone would be a lot more and hate to cool parts of the house when I would not be using them. I have also heard that with the A/C unit in the attic crawl space that it can lose a lot of the efficiency as it gets toasty up there. And if it leaks/needs service that is a pain in the rear.

As you can see I am a little all over the place, but looking for some objective opitions.

Which one would you go with knowing a little bit about my situation (even if one was a little more of a premium) this is if I do with the Hyperheat