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Thread: Please Read -->The #1 question from new members is...

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    Please Read -->The #1 question from new members is...

    How do I make a post?

    New Guests usually don't see how a site flows before joining a talk site and this one being a site for the industry professional may be a little more demanding on a Newbie. No worries... you will soon be in the swing in no time. The site is cut into many different categories called Forums. Some of these forums are open for all to post and others are open to our vetted Professionals Only. You too can become a site professional and you will soon see how to become one as you spend a little time here. This site is totally free for all who wish to use it, New Guest to Professional Member.

    Due to Spam attacks we have increased the number of post you must have before you can add pictures or a link to your post. You need at least 7 post before you can add pictures and links. Sorry but Spammers hurt us all...

    So, with that being said here is how to make a post.

    1. You must be logged in. Easy, yes? Maybe not as easy as you may think. Did you click the Remember Me box when you logged in? That little box keeps you logged in. This site has a relatively low time out rate so if you log in and start to read you will be auto-logged out in 30 minutes. You would be surprised how many times I've had to walk new members through this easy task.

    2. Watch where you want to post. Make sure you as a new member can actually post in that certain forum. Such as... New Guests may NOT reply to any AOP Forum thread but you can start your own AOP thread and reply in your AOP thread. The AOP Forum is for Home Owners that want to ask us a question and only that Home Owner may post in that thread as well as vetted Pro Members with a * by their user title.

    3. Professional Areas are off limits to New and Regular Guests. This is a Professional site built and maintained by Professionals in this trade. We don't mind talking to Home Owners and helping them. We do this day in and day out but... we will not help you fix something or tell you how to fix something or talk pricing and if you say... I'm thinking about calling my lawyer on the last person that came to my house then that will be your last post on this site. We do not get involved in legal disputes period, no if's and's or but's... your gone. Please remember this is not a DIY site.

    4. The Educational Forum has most of the sub forums closed by design. There are open discussion areas in each sub forum. If you try to post and don't see your post then you will never see it... the site software will not let you on purpose. If you want to post in the Educational area then look for the discussion threads near the bottom of the topic.

    5. If you are brand new and try to post a link or upload pictures then may as well forget it until you have at least 7 posts. This is by design to stop spammers from linking photo's of vulgar materials on this site or posting a link taking you to a virus filled good time week of trying to fix your PC. Just make a few post first then you can add pictures and links to your postings later.

    6. Where is the Welcome area? I want to post in a Welcome area to say hello. Well, we tried that and each day several times a day new members don't just say hello they post their HO DIY questions in the Welcome area where one of the staff must move it to the proper forum. So... we deleted the Welcome area. If you want to say hello do so in your first post where ever it may be on the site.

    OK... we learned why we can't post so let's say you follow all these instructions and are wearing your hardhat and safety glasses but still can't post. Click on this link...

    It will take you to the AOP Residential Forum to ask a question. Look at the left of the screen to see a blue icon that says... POST NEW THREAD. Click that blue icon and start typing.

    If you are not a Home Owner needing information and you are in this profession I suggest you start here.

    If for any reason you still don't understand how to start a new thread or reply to a post then send me an email. The Contact Us link at the bottom of every page will send me a note but..... PLEASE BE SPECIFIC WITH YOUR QUESTIONS. If you send me an email saying... I can't post, help me... it will be ignored. If you say... I'm in the AOP area trying to reply to a post but it won't let me and my site user name is (insert name here) then I can help you. The more information you give me the better I can assist you.

    Until then....

    Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy.


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