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Thread: When and How to Hire All-Stars

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    When and How to Hire All-Stars

    No one ever thought to themselves, I wish I could find someone to decrease my company’s productivity, customer retention, team moral, and possibly my sanity. I hope they can start immediately because this is the absolute worst time for me to hire. Then why does it happen?

    Learn the attributes of the highest performers and the process to expose disastrous ones by:

    • Determining if you are ready to hire.
    • Identify a candidate profile.
    • Examine the differences between passive and active recruiting.
    • The steps for creating a recruiting plan.
    • Identify the steps of a structured interview process.

    Everyone that registers will have access to an archived recording of this for one year, but only live attendees will be able to get their questions answered by Dave Borowski the Director of Technical Training for Direct Energy Home Services® the largest home and business services organization in North America.

    This webinar is designed for:

    • HVAC, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Professionals
    • Contracting Business Owners
    • Sales Managers, Service Managers and Technicians

    Click here to register!

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