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Thread: Members Inventions RULES

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    Members Inventions RULES

    OK... Why is this forum here?

    It is here to give our Site Members a place to show off what they have invented. There are very few rules to go with this forum. They should be easy to follow and understand. Just use common sense.

    1. The invention doesn't need to be related to our industry.

    2. You do not approval from the permission of Admin.

    3. Your thread may be removed by Admin at his discretion and at any time without warning.

    4. You may not post pricing.

    5. You may not post an email address.

    6. All correspondence must be directed to your Profile so, fill in your profile with your contact information.

    7. Your invention should have a website, you may post it here.

    8. Your invention should have a Video of the product, you may post it here.


    To all inventors: You will need a thick skin as the other members will critique your new product. Take the heat with the praise or your thread will go missing.

    I hope everyone will enjoy this new forum.

    Admin reserves the right to change these rules as needed.

    Penton reserves the right to block your advertisements. You will then be directed to Penton Sales Team.
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