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    Question Control System Management Software

    Hi All,

    I hope I'm posting in the correct forum, please let me know if I'm not. We are taking on a new client to monitor their sites, and they have much older systems that we are used to. Can anyone suggest the best way to obtain the following software to dial in to their sites:

    Trane Tracer Summit V17
    Network Integrator, Circon
    Network Integrator, SLTA manager
    Carrier, Network Service Tool V, version 2.2


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    The Controls section might be a better place to post but since I cruise this section as well...

    Depending on the vintage of the PC running the BMS you may be able to use something like LogMeIn, TeamViewer, or PC Anywhere. These would likely be much cheaper options to use than purchasing your own license for each system and run them on individual PC's. Oh, and most control packages don't work well, if at all, if they are the second installed on the same PC, after the first one is there. So then you're looking at the option of four different PC's just to monitor one customer. This makes the options I listed above look even better, cost-wise.

    Welcome to the site, where is home for you?

    Good luck!


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