I have about 7 canned LED lights in the ceiling of my kitchen connected to a wall switch with a dimmer. They've been working great for a couple of years. Recently noticed one of the lights only shines very dimly when the others are on max bright. And when I turn of the switch all the lights go off except the dim one remains shining dimly for 30 seconds or so and slowly fades to black.
Someone told me to drop the light and remove the driver and replace it. Cannot find it anywhere. It's a ROAL TROPO RLDD015L-1250 dimmable constant current LED Driver max power 15 W max voltage 16 volt. The one on the ROAL website matching that model number states it is only 12 volt max! Called the company. Get voice mail left message, no one calls back.

Should I just forget it and just replace the entire light? If I can find the exact light to match the others!!!? Crap. I can't tell what brand the light is.

Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you,

Mark Williams