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Thread: Duont Isceon 29 Refrigerant.

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    Duont Isceon 29 Refrigerant.

    I am after any information from the community regarding Dupont Isceon 29 refrigerant installed into R22 chillers. I am particularly interested in any problems encountered such as was the TXV changed or just adjusted and especially if any service valves seals started leaking shortly after commissioning was complete.

    Here in the UK this is an option being promoted instead of replacing the chiller.
    Much obliged for your help


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    If isceon 29 is 422d which i believe is the case we have it in a few heat pumps rooftops and a screw chiller. You can leave mieral oil in it but it is recommended to add a little poe oil 10% to aid in oil return on anything over 5 tons. So far no problems to speak of. Lost a little performance in heat mode on the heat pumps bout 5% but improved by 3% in cooling. The screw we did has 22 in one circuit and 422d in the other. They perform almost exactly the same.

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