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Thread: Hvac-R Tools

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    Hvac-R Tools

    Im putting together a good Column Sheet for my Hvac Class, In order to complete this task I need to have a list of 40 Hvac tools with a Description, Purpose, & Maintenance for each of the tools. If anyone has any kind of a reference website for hvac R tools with information on them or if you have any personal input, It would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    I will start:

    1/4 and 5/16 nut driver. Don't leave home without. Wipe grease off on a regular basis.

    My personal weapon - UEI DL389 There are capacitors everywhere. Always be ready to measure them.

    Crescent wrench. Twist a lot of things. Wipe grease off on a regular basis.

    Magic wand. I use even after turning off switches and cutoffs. We never know when a stinger is eyeballing us.

    6 or more in one. Wipe grease off on a regular basis.


    Gauge manifold and hoses.

    Jump in guys and gals...

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    Let's see... Regular tech

    1/4" socket set, up to 1/2" sockets. I like to have. A driver handle, ratchet, and extensions. Wipe with oil

    Lineman, keep clean, and wipe with oil

    Wire crimpers, crimping sta-cons. Wipe with oil.

    Diagonal cutters(dikes), cutting wire. Wipe with oil

    Good multi meter, I've been liking the UEI stuff too, my Fluke stays at home these days.

    1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 nut drivers

    Basic wrench set

    Allen Keys, I have a folding set, and t-handles

    12v power tools. Pretty much the go to for most techs, I prefer and live by Milwuakee. All my power tools in the van are RED.

    Good quality digital scale. Need to weigh that refrigerant. It's expensive. Remove battery after each use.

    Vacuum pump. Can't evacuate a system without. Change oil regularly.

    Recovery unit. Need it to recover refrigerant.

    Micron gauge. This is important. It is used to verify a proper vacuum has been pulled, AND it is used to check a system for leaks one last time before charging. Maintenance, each on is different. I keep pint of mineral oil to clean the sensors.

    Air acetylene torch, and oxy acetylene torch. Depends on what you work on. I keep both. Maintenance, follow mfrs instructions.

    I can go on for days.....


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    Schrader core tool

    Service wrench

    Insulated screwdrivers

    Adjustable wrench

    Pipe wrench

    Key for locking service caps


    Blower wheel puller

    Tubing and PVC cutters

    Aviation snips

    Crimping tool

    Wire brushes

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    THEY ABSOLUTELY NEED a 1/4 inch 12 volt impact drill, extension, 1/4 5/16 3/8 and 7/16th chucks, phillips chuck, flathead chuck (I just get dewalt and I like it)

    I use my drill and meter more than any other tools when I'm doing commercial, I can't live without the drill unless I want carpal tunnel after a heat exchanger change and if my meter needs batteries then the job is at a stall.

    A good multimeter that can measure microamps and capacitance, amp clamp is a good feature. (uei or fluke)

    GOOD screwdrivers, Wiha makes a zillion of them.

    Allen wrenches (for small evaporator fans, gas valve pressure taps, and more)

    torx bits (you never know what you'll run into)

    the red and yellow handle nut drivers (1/4 and 5/16)

    Yellow jacket gauge manifold

    Yellow jacket r410a manifold

    open end wrenches with ratcheting closed ends SAE and METRIC

    TWO adjustable wrenches (12 inch)

    needlenose pliers

    tin snips

    3/8ths drive socket set with thumbwheel ratchet and breaker bar

    Rubber mallet and ball peen hammer, putty knife, inspection mirror, pry bar, makes life a lot easier.

    klein or knipex Linemen pliers


    pipe wrenches (ridgid only)

    klein or knipex dikes

    recovery machine (required by law)

    vacuum pump (you can't do ac or refer without one)

    refrigerant scale (absolute must for critical charge units)

    oxyacetylene portable torch kit or air acetylene kit with tanks

    nitrogen tank and regulator

    high quality thermometer for air and pipe temp readings (Cooper SRH77A highly recommended)

    tape measure, bubble level

    WD40 to keep your tools from rusting and seizing up, pvc cutters, hacksaw, sawzall, electric drill, etc. Schrader core tool and service wrench, extra refrigerant hoses, pipe deburrer, tubing cutters for 1/4 up to 2 1/8 tubing. Sandpaper, fitting brushes.

    I could name probably 50,000 worth of tools but the above I named are the absolute essentials. I probably missed a couple

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