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Thread: ecm motors can the motor its self be replaced?

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    ecm motors can the motor its self be replaced?

    I have a Climatemaster geothermal unit that I am trying to learn about,if all numbers are the same are the same volts, amps, rotation, hertz and rpm can you just replace the motor its self what if the rpm was 1350 instead of 1050, I was told by a local dealer that it was 2 weeks away,but a new motor is on ebay for 300 dollars and 2 days away and the one with 1350 rpm is local all other specs are the same all ge motors, I am an auto mechanic by trade a a motor is a motor and controlled by a resister changing the ground,I guess what I am asking is the motor a motor and all the controls are in the module its self. Also are they a carrier product now thanks for letting me in and asking questions

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    Yes a motor is a Motor, all programming is in the module. If still get OEM though but in the meantime install a standard psc motor to get it going if its not a communicating set up.

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