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Thread: Aprilaire 700 or 600

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    Aprilaire 700 or 600

    I have two heating units for a 3000 sq ft home. One unit covers both floors in what was the original house, the other covers both floors in an addition. One unit had a Generalaire 65 humidifier (not sure if it ever worked, but has not in recent years). The other unit does not have a humidifier. I was told that one good humidifier on either unit would suffice (please feel free to correct me if that is incorrect).

    I had thought about having am Aprilaire 700 installed on the supply duct where the (broken) Generalaire is located, but the cutout required for the 700 is apparently 14.75" wide and the duct is only 16" wide. There does not appear to be any other place on a supply duct of either unit where the 700 would fit. Would greatly appreciate your thoughts on whether to consider installation of: 1) the 700 on a 16" wide supply duct; 2) the 700 on a return duct with hot water (I have room for that); 3) the Aprilaire 600 or 4) something else? Thanks very much.

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    I like the bypass type with hot water for customers. If I needed one in my house then I'd go with steam, they need a lot of maintenance to keep them working correctly though so I don't install them for customers unless they insist. A tight house shouldn't need humidification as people, showers, cooking, washing clothes adds more then enough humidity to the house in the winter as long as the structure doesn't have excessive air changes per hour (leaky). A tight house would require dehumidification most of the winter.
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    you should be able to install the 700 on 16" duct with a transition

    the 700 will put out more humidity than the 600. I wouldn't put on return & pipe it with hot water regardless of installation

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