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    Important FAQ's

    Those who join HVAC-Talk are required to read the site rules. Yes, they maybe rather long but they are concise.

    This is a Moderated site and the rules will be enforced. There may be additional rules in other areas of the site. Again, you are required to read and understand these rules before you post.

    Here's the first FAQ you should pay attention to. IF YOUR FIRST FEW POSTS CONTAIN A LINK OFF THIS SITE THEN CHANCES ARE YOU JUST SPAMMED THIS SITE AND WILL BE BANNED. We don't have time to filter all the new post by new guests so if we see a link in your first posts then you will need to tell us why you aren't a spammer.


    Site Rules Complete Version <- Click here is a professional site. We cater to the industry professional via Tech to Tech chatter by discussing industry solutions.

    We are not a DIY site.
    For those who wish to compare pricing or ask how to make their own repairs will find is not the site for you.

    We do have a special area where you may ask our professional members questions. This is called the AOP area. It can be easily found as it is in all RED. Be advised our members will not and are required not to tell you how to make repairs to your systems. Design or upgrade information as well as “what can I do” questions are welcome. ONLY PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS * CAN REPLY TO GUESTS IN THE AOP AREA.

    There are open to the public forums and Professional Only forums. If your site user group has “Guest” in the title then you are restricted to the Open Forums Only.

    Private Message is reserved to our Professional Members Only.

    If you forget your user name or cannot reset your password do NOT start another account. Contact me and I will assist you. See the bottom of the site and click on Contact Us.

    Again.... Do not ask for your account to be deleted. We do not delete accounts. If you do not want to participate then do not post here.

    New Guests are restricted from various activities. After your 7th post your user group will change to Regular Guest unblocking you from these restrictions.

    If for any reason the Moderators of this site deem you should lose your posting privileges you will lose them. You may or may not be notified.

    All who post on HVAC-Talk will do so with respect to others.

    Arguments or heated discussions will not be tolerated here. The Moderation Staff are not baby sitters. We are here all day, every day to assist with the flow of the site. If you have an issue with another poster then it is up to you to back away from the computer and be nice when you return. Report post that are “he hurt my feelings” are concerning but may not be responded to by our staff.

    When you register you may be required to answer a few questions. These questions are designed to shield you from an occasional email from our owner Penton Media. In turn, these same questions are designed to direct important notifications to industry specific members. We do not spam your email address but you may recieve both site email and email from our owner for this industry professional.

    When you register and are stopped by our software as "A Spammer" then it is most likely the user name you are registering. Try another user name or contact me. I will be happy to assist you.

    Here is another copy of the main site rules. If you didn't get a chance to read them then please do so now.

    Welcome to! A Non-DIY Site

    The purpose of is to provide a fun meeting and learning place for people with an interest in the HVAC/R Industry. Note that while all are welcome, our primary interest is in serving the HVAC Pro and the related industry. This is a site for the industry professional, constructed by and run by industry professionals..

    Caution - is a moderated site. Moderators will delete and edit posts in an effort to keep the site free of flame wars, insults, crude language, and advertising or off-topic replies. <b>Please be polite, professional and helpful in your replies.</b>

    Equipment Owners- Guests are allowed to post questions to our industry professionals relating to help with your existing issues or future equipment strategies. You may do so within the AOP Forum. AOP stands for Ask Our Pro. You will find a section for residential, commercial as well as other topics. This is an open forum where a Guest may interact with our Professional Members. This is the only area open for posting by our Guests for equipment information. Note- This is not a DIY site. We will only answer questions as regulated by our AOP Committee. Please read the AOP rules before posting or your thread may be removed.
    AOP Rules, Click here
    The AOP Area can be found by clicking here

    Please read through the following main site rules and instructions.

    1. Who Is Welcome Here?

    Anyone in the HVAC/R related industry, home or building owners with HVAC/R concerns and other polite and fun people willing to contribute. Please feel free to ask any question relating to HVAC, or other topics of general interest except Do-It-Yourself (DIY). We welcome questions so please don't be critical of someone's question, or other member's answers.

    a. All site users must treat other site users with respect. Anyone who posts defamatory, insulting or otherwise disrespectful comments toward others will find their posts deleted and possibly their posting privileges suspended or revoked.

    b. Any site user that becomes belligerent, argumentative, posts smart-ass comments or requires too much attention of the Moderators will lose their posting privileges either with or without warning.

    c. Any post or reply that we feel that may cause harm to others or violates any of the site rules will be edited or deleted.

    HVAC Pros, please note; home owners are welcome to ask questions here, if you do not wish to be helpful that is fine but do not intimidate, obstruct or criticize those that wish to be more helpful than you. If you do not like a particular thread or topic, do not reply and please move on.

    2. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) - not here.

    This site is for industry professionals and folks seeking HVAC/R advice and knowledge. Please do not ask for step by step instructions on purchasing, installing or repairing your own equipment. This is our job and our livelihood. We are generous, but not to a fault.

    Questions of this type will not be answered and may be deleted at the discretion of the Moderators.

    Click here for more information on DIY

    3. No pricing questions please

    Only people who actually see your job can price it accordingly. There will be no pricing allowed in the public access areas of this site. Please do not ask for or give pricing comparative information.
    Posts of this type will be deleted.

    4. Direct Advertising of Web Sites and Products or Site User.

    Advertising of web-sites and products is not accepted on this site - so don't do it. It will be deleted and your user account will be locked. Advertising the company you work for in the open areas of the site is forbidden until you become a Professional Member or Site Sponsor where you may put your company link in your signature and Bio/Profile area. Signature advertisements for Guests are not allowed however, you may add your work information in your User Bio/Profile area. Advertising the company you work for via post is the same as Spam unless you are a paying Sponsor. If you would like to purchase advertising space, please Click Here for more information .

    To all Sponsors: It is your responsibility to contact our Site Administrator before posting on the site. The Site Administrator will change your user title to Sponsor. This will give a signal to all that you are actually sponsoring the site or a sponsor of Contracting Business Magazine. You may contact the Site Administrator here.

    5. Posting is a Privilege

    Please note, you are a guest on a privately owned site. Posting here is a privilege that we hope you will enjoy and respect. The Moderators can and will remove the posting privileges of any person who does not wish to follow the rules, or in the opinion of the moderators is a detriment to the site. All Moderation decisions are final.

    6. No Swearing

    This is a public site, not a locker room, swearing or near swearing will cause your post to be deleted.

    7. Avatar and Picture posting

    This public site has a "G" rating. Please do not post vulgar, crude, nudity, politically incorrect or controversial Avatars, Pictures or Cartoon like images on this site. The Moderators will immediately delete them and may deny your posting privileges. Please note that forum signatures are subject to the same rules as forum posts.

    8. Do NOT fight with the Moderators

    This is a busy site. It is a big job to keep it running smoothly. If your post or thread "disappears", live with it, we do not have time nor do we need to send you an explanation. If you receive an e-mail asking you to stop doing something or change something, just do it. We do not need to enter into a discussion with you. If you become a nuisance, you will lose your posting privileges. Again, All decisions of the Moderators are final.

    9. Special Forum Committees

    Several HVAC-Talk forums have regulation committees and special rules. Please familiarize yourself with their special rules. The Committee Members will monitor their forums as needed and their decisions are final. Continued disruption in these special forums may cause your site account to be locked.

    10. One Registration Only

    As the board gets larger, it becomes more important that each member has only one registration name. Any member who signs up under a new name will be banned from the site. If you feel you have to re-register with a new name due to a technical problem, be sure to get it okayed by the Site Administrator first. To find the Site Admin follow this link

    11. No E-mail addresses or Spam

    Please do not include your e-mail address in your posts or signature file. There are automatic programs called "bots" that will tear through all of our posts if there are e-mail addresses. They gather them for the spammers, but, like the spammers, they have no consideration and can overload our server making it unavailable to legitimate users. Posting Spam or contact information in your signature file is also prohibited. Email addresses are not allowed in any form on the site except in the Job Forum and for Moderators, Committee Members and paid site sponsors. Contact info and e-mail addresses may be posted in your Bio/Profile area only.

    12. Do not double post or bump

    Choose the correct category or section for your thread and put it in only one category forum. Also, if your thread has not received any new posts lately it will slide down the list, so be it. Do not post a reply just to bump it up the list.

    13. Recruiters - not for free

    Post only in the "Jobs" section on the forum. There is a cost associated with posting a job if you are a recruiter. To inquire, Click on this link for advertising information . You may find other job posting rules here Job discussion rules .

    14. Legal Matters & Information Sniffers - NOT HERE

    For those who come here to gather information dealing with lawsuits and/or to question our membership for such purposes; whether you feel you have been wronged by a contractor or other. This is not the place to bring your arguments, questions or conjectures. To all Lawyers, Sniffers or Consultants: Gather your information elsewhere. Posts dealing with lawsuits regardless of status will be removed from this site and your site membership along with it. No exceptions. This site and its members will not get involved with dabbling in your legal or illegal affairs.

    15. For all other special forum rules CLICK HERE

    16. Spread the word!

    Please, if you can link to this site from your website
    then please do so! Here is some html code you can use:

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">
    &lt;a href=""&gt;
    &lt;img src=""&gt;

    The more people that use this site, the more fun it will be!


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