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Thread: Entouch One lighting Controls and works with Entouch One LAN or WiFi as a device

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    Entouch One lighting Controls and works with Entouch One LAN or WiFi as a device

    LCM cover.jpgLCM Inside.jpg

    Entouch One lighting Controls

    Works with Entouch One LAN or WiFi as a device <<<<<<<
    - Interior lighting
    - Office zoning
    - Sales floor lighting
    - Stock rooms
    - Hallways
    - Dining Room

    Exterior lighting
    - Signage
    - Parking lots
    - Security
    Other uses
    - Facility load control

    Wireless Networking
    All settings are made remotely, no local programming required.

    Supports motion detectors and photo sensors
    Fully configurable to support a wide range of site needs.

    Astronomic and local weather overrides
    Schedules automatically adapt for sunrise, sunset, and weather

    The EnTouch One Lighting Control Platform
    Schedule and control interior lights, exterior signage,
    parking lot lights, and other critical facility loads. The
    EnTouch lighting control platform is designed to work
    with our EnTouch One EMS family. Manage your
    facilities through our cloud based system using your
    computer, tablet, or mobile device.

    40 years in the HVACR Industry

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    The Entouch One Family consist of Entouch One LAN or WIFI device. It is through this device you will connect the Entouch One Lighting Controls device.
    You can also connect the Entouch One GM8 Energy monitor device.

    Entouch One LAN or WIFI


    Entouch One LAN or WIFI device Info


    Built in WiFi, Ethernet, or Cellular data communications
    Built in gateway communicates between devices in building
    Patent-pending HVAC control features reduce runtime and energy across multiple HVAC systems
    High resolution color touchscreen display
    Supports multiple stage heating and cooling
    Intelligent fan modes to control comfort and humidity
    Internal temperature and humidity sensors
    Configurable support for external temperature sensor
    Fully programmable 7 day scheduling with occupancy modes
    365 day calendar support for special events and extended hold
    Built in security features limit local user adjustments to temperatures and settings
    Configurable outputs support humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilators, and other devices
    Mappable inputs connect to CO2 sensors, motion detectors, security systems, and other devices
    3 years Warranty
    Sensors that you can use 10K Type 1, 2 or 3 or 20K Type 4 sensors. This mean the sensor already installed can be used.

    Fan Failure to send E-mail setup info
    Put a current switch on the fan power wire and then wired the current switch output to our L terminal on the EnTouch One.
    Then set the L input to be an alarm setting with a normally closed contact (contact is based on the switch used).
    Then they set it up in the portal to send out an email.

    Entouch One GM8 Energy Monitor device.

    Entouch One GM8.JPG


    Applications In-panel energy monitor for commercial AC panels

    Panel Rating Three phase or single phase electrical panels up to 4,000 amps

    AC Voltage 208VAC, 480VAC, and 600VAC inputs

    Branch Loads Monitors one main input and up to eight branch loads

    Wireless Data is transmitted wirelessly to an EnTouch One master controller. No external wiring required.

    Current Sense Supports split core current transformers for rapid installation

    Monitoring DSP-based monitoring provides high accuracy readings. Data collection every 60 seconds.

    Remote Access Detailed energy data and daily total usage accessible through web browser or mobile devices

    Entouch One Family ( Thermostat LAN or WIFI, Energy Monitoring and Lighting Controls)
    40 years in the HVACR Industry

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    looks nice

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    This looks nice with different features but you did not tell that why one needs external device ?

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