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Thread: Monitoring software

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    Monitoring software


    I'm software developer. I need some advice. Recently, I've made such application for one company.
    At the moment it works with Emerson controllers, it has simple installation, alerting via text message, history log, reports.
    They are happy, everything is fine, but I don't want it to be a single time job.
    I want to add some features and develop it further. Therefore I need some ideas from you.

    What kind of software do you already use?
    What is annoying about them?
    What do you need in such software?


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    Temp humidity time multiple points of reference alarms misc readings for condensate and the best value greatest dependability you can recommend in hard ware that communicates wirelessly. CO detection along with CO2 would be nice also as well as statics with a pressure transducer. iPhone droid app would be great
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