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Thread: Trane Rover Assistance needed

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    Confused Trane Rover Assistance needed

    Ok, so here's my dilemma. We are needing to replace the laptop that currently has Rover v6 installed on it. Nobody knows where the disc is, although we do have the box that it came in which has part number, product name, and authorzation code. I know that the current version is 7.1 sp9 and that we should upgrade, but wasn't sure what the ballpark cost would be. Our facility is really cheap, so I don't see them wanting to spend any money on it. So I guess I have two questions:

    1. About what would it cost to upgrade to the latest version?
    2. Is there any way of just getting a new v6 install disc to use our current Authorzation code with?


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    If you have a legit authorization code you could reload v6. Maybe someone here can provide that to you. At one time you could download them in 'demo' mode but I don't think that is possible anymore. Maybe a Trane guy has access to the company ftp server and can get you a copy. Good Luck!
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