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Thread: Hunstable Electric Turbine 3.0

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    Hunstable Electric Turbine 3.0

    A couple of EC&M readers have asked for some feedback on this new product.

    Electric Turbine

    Does anyone have any experience with using it? If not, can you comment on the design and performance characteristics claims?

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    Dear meby, Penton team, and those interested in this revolutionary design. As the designer of the power electronics control system for the HET3.0, I can offer preliminary test results. Most amazingly, the HET kept its 50-lbs rotor moving at the voltage equivalent to a AA battery (just needs a bit more current). First bring-up indicates an already 8x improvement over the high-performance DC motor by Lynch: more than 4x torque at 2/3 of electrical input and 18% more speed:

    With a little optimization we can achieve 10x. For those interested in commercialization, purchasing, or licensing, we will be able to offer third party characterization by October and make a 4-1/2 min video clip available under NDA, revealing the architecture producing 15-ft-lbs of torque at 260 rp, and 1-1/4 HP electrical input.

    The most differentiation three design features are failure-resilient operation at a safe low voltage DC and absolutely quite operation. The patent-pending control system is amazingly simple and transitions seamlessly from motor to generator mode.

    This technology enables a 1,000-mile range EV, sustainable safe drilling for O&G exploration even under stall conditions, and reliable start-up of pumps and compressors requiring high start-up torque, all while cutting electrical operating costs in half.

    - Bert Wank

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    As the developer of the HET I would be happy to answer any questions, please feel free to ask here or email @, Regards, Fred E. Hunstable

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