To our Professional Membership,

Soon there will be a major upgrade to this site. Many long hours of research and manpower have been put into this upgrade that will change our site and press forward our roles that are so intertwined within other industry professional ranks. These changes will be minor at first then major events will open up for us all.

The history of this site and how some members regard this site can’t be changed. There have been arguments with our New Guests and other Professional Members that have required infractions and the termination of accounts.

The vast majority of our Professional Membership post with honor and vitality respecting the site, themselves and our industry brothers. There are others that do not and with regret I must change the site rules to fit this issue.

Please find the following additional rules for all Professional Members. Again, for the vast majority this will not come into play with your role here and I apologize for disturbing your experience on

New Pro Membership Rules

1. You are a Professional Member on a Professional Site, you are required to act and post accordingly.

2. No bashing or inflammatory posts are allowed on the site against New Guests, Regular Guests, other Professional Members or against, Penton Media or the sponsors of this site.

3. Those who are not polite and Professional or those who continuously Troll or Whine will be given a 30 day ban and your posts removed. If you have a suggestion, complaint or helpful comment you must use the report button or send an email to

4. There will be no warning infractions for a Professional Member. You are a Professional and have read the site and the rules. There is no need for a warning.

5. A Professional Member is allowed one unprofessional post in anger or belittlement, Union or Non-Union bashing but take heed, your next post must be a follow up with an immediate meaningful apology or you get 30 days. Your follow up post time is critical. If in doubt, don't make the first post.

6. If you continue to post anger, bashing, belittlement posts to anyone on this site after the end of your 30 day term and you will be permanently banned.

7. Any Professional or Guest on this site that posts physical threats to anyone on this site will be banned for life. No exceptions.

8. Any member threatening legal action against this site, its staff or other members will be banned for life. No exceptions.

9. The decision to ban will be majority vote of the Moderators and their decision is final. There will be no explanations offered or given.

10. Administrators have the discretion to change these rules as deemed necessary and ban immediately without a vote and without explanation.

Again, I apologize this has come to such a spectacle yet it seems to be the only way to satisfy the needs of all concerned.

Thank you for your time.