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Thread: How to apply for Professional Membership

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    The Closed Area forums will require members to have Professional Member status to access.

    Access to the new educational forums will be given to any Professional Member AUTOMATICALLY

    How to apply for your FREE Professional Membership

    Start by filling in your site user profile. The Committee will reject all applications until you fill in your user profile. This will help for all to get to know you better and assist the Committee.

    Next Click on the below link

    Fill in the blanks as required. You will need to know if you want Technical and/or Business & Marketing access. The B&M Pro forum is for business owners only.

    You will need to supply us with your user name and your experience level along with some proof of certification and/or business affiliation. So be sure you have any documents in a .PDF or .doc format. Even a .jpg format is allowable as long as it is readable. Such... scan your EPA Card and you can attach it to the new form.

    Please be aware there are post minimums
    to get into each Professional Forum;
    15 for Technical
    30 for Business and Marketing. These posts must have "technical substance". "Joy posting" will not be considered.

    If you are a student of our trade you can attach your Student ID

    Please be aware of the minimum required post count
    (As Noted Above)
    to become a Professional Member.

    This process normally requires a few weeks to process so please be patient.

    Thank you - Your Membership Committee
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