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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurtis M View Post
    Thanks to most people for the advise. I had a good time on the ride along. It was a long day (about 13 hours) but it went by quick and I hope to do it again soon. I learned a-lot about how things work in the field compared to the class room.
    Nice, but wait till the busy season and 13hrs will seem like a short day!Thats about average fromm my experiance. But its good to hear you liked it and want more.Was the tech helpfull and try to teach you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diceman View Post
    Why in the world would he need knee pads unless he is going to..............................
    .... Experience the joy of the nose bumper of a Hill Phoenix case. Twist down then up, down then up, down then up.

    Seriously as a rookie your pen and notepad are your best friends. Makes pipe lists and coffee runs easy. Also, keep a sharpie and a measuring tape on you, a pocket flashlight, and a olfa knife on you at all times.

    Despite what some may say about how you look like a geek, it sure as hell beats getting an earload for missing one fitting because you got 14/15 of the ones asked for. Instead, you just get an earfull for not getting it there fast enough.
    Get money, get paid.

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