You would have to understand and review what is all about.
First you would have to read the Forum Rules to gain understanding of the site as you promised when you joined. If you havenít just yet, please do so now. Iíll patiently wait until you return.

The first part of the rules states the following;

The purpose of is to provide a fun meeting and learning place for people with an interest in the HVAC/R Industry. Note that while all are welcome, our primary interest is in serving the HVAC Pro and the related industry.

Caution - is a moderated site. Moderators will delete and edit posts in an effort to keep the site free of DIY, flame wars, insults, crude language, advertising and off-topic replies. Please be polite, professional and helpful in your replies.

Secondly you would need to understand what DIY is.

DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself. We all do it whether it is repairing our leaking faucet or building your own decking. Itís simply a fact of life but why canít this site please tell me how to heat my house when my kids are freezing or tell me how to fix something easy like wiring in my new store bought thermostat from the local hardware store?

While we (the membership of this site) are happy to chat with you about any topic there are just too many factors we must consider before giving advice. Safety and legality are the first things prevalent. The site Moderators are charged with removing DIY which shows reasonable care on our part to keep you safe so you or our next of kin donít send your lawyer to knock on our door. Yes, we show reasonable care to disallow DIY so save your Lawyers time and effort.

Letís say, for example, you ask us why you may be having trouble lighting your water heater or furnace. You are mechanically able and this seems like an easy task but it just wonít light. So, the membership carefully walks you through all the steps to check first before striking that match. You follow these directions and everything is fine. You donít have to call a contractor so you save money. Here is where I will show you another part of our rules.

This site is for industry professionals and folks seeking HVAC/R advice and knowledge. Please do not ask for step by step instructions on purchasing, installing or repairing your own equipment. This is our job and our livelihood. We are generous, but not to a fault.

Thatís right, it is our livelihood and how we feed our families. Does your Doctor tell your Pharmacist what prescription to give you without an appointment and having you pay an office visit? Thatís simple enough.

OK, now letís think about the second area of concern, safety. Why is it a concern? We told you how and you did it and everything is fine, right? Well, yes, but not exactly. This is a public forum on the internet. This information will be on this site forever and can be found by others that have similar issues but are either not as mechanically inclined as you or there system is just a little different. This is where their safety comes into play. Iím sure weíve all seen the six oíclock news showing a house burning or completely turned into a pile of splinters. Couldnít happen to me, right? Wrong!

It happens every day to those without training or trying to save a little cash. Although we donít know you or what you may do for a living we here are trained to prevent accidents from happening and we are genuinely concerned about you and your familyís safety. So please donít ask us DIY questions.

The membership has a little saying that goes something like this. If I fix it for you it will cost $ this much. If you try to fix it first it will cost you $$$ that much more. One day a professional will have to look at your system for one reason or another. Why not ask for a tune up before you have an issue one cold night and have to pay us overtime to fix a mess? Easy for us and very smart for you.

Thanks for your time.

The HVAC-Talk Membership