Once upon a time a bird was late flying South for the winter.
One day it started to snow and he began his journey.
He did not get far before his wings began to freeze and he fell into a pasture.
He thought surely he would freeze to death laying in that field when a cow walked by and sh** on him.
He thought great, it can get worse. I will freeze to death in a pile of sh**.
But he did not freeze. The warm manure thawed him out and soon the bird began to have hope. So much hope that he began to sing.
A cat happened to be nearby and heard the singing.
He pulled the bird out of the manure, cleaned him off, and ate him.

The Moral.

Not everybody that sh**s on you is your enemy.

Not everybody that pulls you out of the sh** is your friend.

If you are warm and happy in a pile of sh**, keep your mouth shut.