Installed 9 new EC series florida water source heat pumps in a building in new orleans. At start up three units had no 410a freon in one circuit of each.
One of the 9 had a bad compressor within 4 hours of running.
Located and repaired refrigerant leaks in 3 of the 9 units. Pulled vacuums and dailed in the correct refridgerant amount. All three units operating correctly.
The unit with the bad compressor----
Changed the compressor, dryer, vacuumed system and weighed in the correct amount of refrigerant. Checked superheat, temp. splits, water flow, all fine. Two days later same thing compressor no pump. Changed compressor again blew coils and lines with nitrogen. Repeated the same routine as previous compressor. two days later same thing no pump compressor.
Florida heat pump sent their factory rep to help and be present for the next compressor change, they said that I had to be doing something wrong.
We changed the compressor and repeated the same exact procedures that I did twice prior. they said that a liquid line drier that I added to the system on the third compressor was the problem. I cut the dryer out and the factory tech. rep. cut it open. Nothing wrong with the dryer.
Started unit up now they say it is a bad txv they think.Forgot to mention that the other cicuit in the unit has a refrigerant leak in the condensor coil.
Forida heat pump acts like they don't have any problems with their equipment well guess what they have some major quaility issues.
Hope I can prevent someone else from loosing a lot of money as I have. To change out a compressor FHP pays next to nothing, it cost me $400 everytime I changed one of their compressors. This is after they threw their pennys at me.
Every company that produces machinery or equipment has bad runs or faulty material at one time or another if they are in business for a period of time.
Lennox had a bad run on evap. coils in the 80's, trane had a bad design on cond. coils in the 80's, it happens. FHP step up to the plate and do the right things, quit pointing fingers.