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    quick question-Do manufacturers usually offer rebates in the jan-march time or is usually during the fall- Am I missing out(rebates) by waiting to buy my A/C system till feb-march or should I take advantage of the rebates now-??
    Also by waiting do I get the new 2006 models ?? thanks

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    depending on your requirements and local, I would buy this year, as a January the minimum requirement is 13 SEER. You might only need a 12 SEER, again depending on your local

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    Rebates are offered by HVAC vendors to reduce their warehousing overhead during slow periods. Typically Sept-Oct and April-May. Which are also excellent times to upgrade and replace equipment from a consumer’s perspective since Contractors are hard pressed to keep their talented professions busy. Thus it's the classical win-win scenario.

    That said, you don’t provide enough information to make an in-depth analysis of your situation. Why AC? Do you have a Furnace? How old is your equipment? What climate are you located in? Does your utility company provide incentives for efficient equipment? Professional contractors in your area deal with these and other compounding issues every day therefore contact several and ask for line-item estimates. Be certain you ask meaningful questions, try to understand why low initial investment may result in a significantly higher cost of ownership over the design life of the equipment.

    Many folks are now looking at dual fuel(HP) rather than AC owing to the rapid unabated rise in natural gas prices. Federal Government forecasts for the average winter heating costs released this week indicate nearly a 2X factor of gas over electrical. The playing field has been completely redrawn; previous projections are without merit, do your homework and take the source of any information given and adjust credibility appropriately.

    God Bless…

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