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    BMS Reports from FX Server

    A Customer of ours is currently using an older Metasys Front end with Metalink and Excel to generate monthly reports for different areas in the facility. Is anyone aware of a software that will duplicate this type of functionality with the FX Server? I am not sure if Excel can be set up in a similar manner as it is with the Metasys app to pull trend data into reports.

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    Use the Report Service.

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    the report service has a few good ways of getting data out.
    The axCommunity and VykonPro jars have a few as well. The VykonProReportSource is a good one that will write to a filename of your choice.

    getting data in to excel...

    ...there are a few gotchas such as having to use a Hx profile, and its easier to have the webquery not be challenged by passwords and stuff like that. Theres plenty of literature but its still frustrating and finicky to get going.

    you can auto export histories to mySQL etc and then use normal ODBC to query....probably the best solution but, there is a cost to this.

    ...there are always products such as ProphetSuite too.
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