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    Confused Whos the boss?? Humidity control / AC control / Heat control or ME?


    Im getting desperate here... as many others im sure posting on this site.

    Heres my gear


    Pannel: TP-PRH
    Air exchange: HRVCCSVA1100
    Humidifier: HUMCCLBP
    Coil/air handler: FY4ANF030

    A/C : YZB 03011B

    Now my issue is i cant get the climate under control, im not sure whos the boss! When i ask for (bare with me here im Canadian) 20 - 22 celcius with 40% humidity. then the COOL kicks on to try to lower the humidity. Now the tempature drops to 19-18 celcius and then i call quits and change the settings since the humidity is still at about 48-46%... now the heat kicks on and i get back to a normal 21-22. then when 23 kicks in the COOL goes to work and brings it down a notch... but with the humidity so high we freeze our SSA off.

    Now here is what i have done.

    -Closed the air exchange to prevent outside humidity to come in
    -Closed the humidifyer valve to prevent any water from going into it

    Now i dont know what to do? Can someone give me the basics of how my system thinks so we can work together?

    Thanks for your help!

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    How many square feet is the home this system cools? You have a 2.5 ton system and from what you are describing, when a system cools to or beyond the desire temperature without adequately dehumidifing the air my first thought is that you have an over sized air conditioner.


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    Depending on how your stat is programmed, it may allow the temperature to drop as much as 3*F below setpoint to try and satisfy the humidity demand. There are different ways to program the stat and I would recommend asking the installer to come back and program it to your liking. Or look online for an installers manual and see if you can program it yourself. Be aware that some setpoint adjustments will affect others and some program changes will affect the efficiency of your system, this is why I say to call the installer back and have him program it to your needs. Good luck

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