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    Does anyone know of a way to add a time delay after a loss of power?? I have UNT and DX controllers on site. Does this have to be done thru the NC?? I want to be able to stage the units back ON, or if the generator is still running, keep some OFF.


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    You'd need an input from the gen. and then either direct map to the controllers or write a GPL stradegy to accomplish this.

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    UNT Each output (or FCU/HEAT Pump/AHU/ etc) has a delay or start on delay - you could Increse..thru HVAC pro! on these systems.

    Also the DX you can program Hold outputs, start delays and even use a input from a gen status is on thru a plc block /etc to help you out! (thru can set the Pamm, to default Hold, low etc)

    And/or.... I agree (with chrisc, Professional Member)use GPL to do this..If it a whole bldg, campus /etc)

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