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    I'm trying to replace a White-Rodgers 1F58-910 thermostat with a Totaline Programable

    P474-1050 and need help with the wiring.

    The White-Rodgers is wired as follows:

    Terminal / Wire color
    F / Green
    V / Red also jumped to VR
    Y / White
    M / Yellow
    R / Orange

    Terminals on Totaline:

    G - Fan
    Y1 - Cooling
    W1,O,B - Heating & Rev. Value
    R - Power
    C - Common
    Y2 - 2nd Stage Cool
    W2 - 2nd Stage Heat

    I think the following is correct but I don't know where the R-Orange wire goes. From what I

    have read this is for the Rev. Value. Would it also go to W1,O,B?

    White-Rodgers Totaline
    F - Green G - Fan
    V - Red also jumped to VR R - Power
    Y - White W1,O,B - Heating
    M - Yellow Y2 - Cooling
    R - Orange ?


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    Doesn`t make sense to me, Never seen a V or VR or F , remember colors mean nothing, the last installer could have used any amount of colors, I personally, if I had limited tools or knowledge , would jump the wires one at a time to see what it controls.


    Touch red and green together if it powers your blower motor, then hook red to r and green to g, then touch red to yellow if you hear the compressor turn on , then attach yellow to y.

    The easiest way would be to check how it is wired at the unit and duplicate at the tstat, if it is a heat pump you may have to jump y and w, doesn`t sound like it though , because you have 5 wires, orange should be hooked up to "o" unless you have a Goettl or a Rheem <some models> then you would hook it up to "b"

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