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    FX Server

    I will be setting up an FX Server at a customer's site shortly and I am not sure exactly what licenses I need to accommodate the controllers. I have one existing FX60 that has N2 devices on it. We are installing a new FX70 with a couple of BACnet controllers in a different location. In order for the server to talk to the FX60/70, do I need the BACnet IP driver for the server and each FX60/70 or is that only required for integrating 3rd party network controllers? I was told that since the FX60/70 panels reside on the Niagara Network, the IP licenses are not needed. I remember in FX60 school that they said that each FX60 would need an Enterprise license to talk to the server. The BACnet Server license is not cheap and I want to make sure we cover everything. I also don't want to spend $$$$ on a license if I don't need it. Can anyone with direct experience with FX Server please let me know what you have done? Thanks.
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    The enterprise license is covered with the fx60. Maybe you are thinking of the fx40, it was an optional purchase then. The Bacnet driver should only be required if you're bringing in something like a Trane BCU with a separate IP address. I may not be 100% on that detail. I've done several server applications and have not purchased an additional driver beyond the ones bought for the under lying Jace controllers.

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