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    Help Matching Evap Coil

    Can anyone help me with details as to which evap coils to purchase. Two story load calculation available. Original builder installed 2 ton condensers and 2 ton evap coils. 75,000 BTU furnaces. Upstairs has 200 more sq.ft. than downstairs. No total square footage available. Should I upsize the upstairs to 2.5 tons?? Purchasing two Lennox XC14 single stage condensers up to 16.20 SEER, and two 80% furnaces. I can't seem to find much information as to what evap coil I should purchase to get maximum efficiency....Can anyone help?? Thanks, Dillard.

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    You will probably get more views if you post this in the Residential HVAC section. As for the match-up's on the equipment you listed, you should be able to find this information on the Lennox web site or by contacting your local Lennox dealer.


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    Welcome to the site. This is the introduction area only. You need to post this in residential hvac.

    Good luck.

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