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    Filter Size Question

    Hello - this is my first post. I have several open questions I need help with but I am going to start with what I suspect / hope is the simplest.

    My HVAC installer put two return air vents in. One is 20x20x1 which I had no trouble finding a filter for. The other is 24x6x1 which is a size that does not seem to exist for filters. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find filters for this obscure size return?

    Once we get through this one I am anxious to post what are hopefully more interesting questions.

    thanks for any help!

    Northern California

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    Call a HVAC R supply house in your area, or a filter supply house in your area they may have in it stock.

    In Ga I call dixie filters for our needs, but sometimes it better to go to a local supply house that is closer.

    They will ask you if you are in the HVAC filed, if you say no they will more than likely sell it to you at a higher price than they normally would so they don't mind.
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